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What is executive search (headhunting) and when is it suitable for recruitment?

Executive search service, also known as headhunting, involves in-depth and thorough exploration of the job market, as well as the professional evaluation of potential candidates in terms of their skills, motivation, and alignment with the organizational culture of a prospective employer. This recruitment method is particularly valuable when searching for candidates for high-level positions or acquiring unique specialists. It is also a suitable approach when the position is in a challenging location or may require relocation.

If you want to hire the best-matched candidate for a high-level position or are looking for an expert while maintaining confidentiality throughout the recruitment process, consider using the executive search service.


Our proprirtary „VALUES MATCHING APPROACH ” used in recruitment

In our recruitment process, we employ our proprietary VALUES MATCHING APPROACH, which enables us to achieve exceptional effectiveness. When the Candidet’s values are matched with those upheld by the Client’s company, recruitment projects conclude swiftly, and candidates become loyal employees for years to come.

What are the terms of our cooperation?

How will the recruitment process look like?



We kickstart the recruitment process by creating a brief. During a meeting with the Client, we thoroughly study their needs and requirements for the specific recruitment. We establish expectations for Candidates, their profiles, recruitment criteria, and the employer’s offer. As a result, a document is created, compiling all this information and serving as the basis for the search for suitable Candidates. 


Benchmark Candidate

After 2 – 3 weeks, we present the Client with a Benchmark Candidate – a specific individual who, in the executive search firm’s opinion, meets all the requirements of the potential employer. Presenting a Benchmark Candidate aims to ensure that the Candidate profile aligns with the expectations of the potential employer or to allow for a possibility to ‘calibrate’ those expectations. Presenting a Benchmark Candidate before further search allows for refining the Client’s expectations and saves time.


Reporting During the Process

Once a week, we provide the Client with the status of the recruitment project. This way, the Client stays informed about the progress of the process and it’s stages.


Presentation of Candidates

The consultant presents to the Client the recommended Candidates after previous meetings with them. These are at least 3 individuals selected from the long list.


Candidate Discussion, Selection of the preferred One

The presented Candidates are thoroughly discussed with the Client. Ultimately, a front runner is chosen, who is then invited to meet with the potential employer.


Final Negotiations with the Winning Candidate

The Client engages in final negotiations with the winning candidate, supported by the lead consultant. As a result, an agreement is reached between the Candidate and the employer.


Maintaining a Relationship with the Candidate after Hiring

After the Candidate is hired, we stay in touch with them for some time to support their adaptation to the new organization.

Our Experience

We recruit in the following industries:

Baby and Infant Food

Tabacco Products

Prescription Medications/RX
Over-the-Counter Products/OTC
Medical Devices
Specialized Food
Rare Diseases
Clinical Research

Foundry, including pressure-related

Renewable Energy Sources

We recruit for the following positions:

General Manager
Managing Director
Department Head
Chairman of the Board
Board Member
Director of Production Plant
Managing Director

Commercial Director
Sales Director
Trade Marketing Director

Marketing Director
Corporate Affairs Director
Public Affairs Director
New Media Manager
Communications Director
PR Manager

Chief Financial Officer
Controlling Director
Chief Accountant
Financial Controller

Chief Operating Officer
Plant Director
Production Director
Technical Director
Logistics Director
Quality Assurance Director
R&D Director
NPD Director
Maintenance Manager
Lean Manager
SHE Manager
Security Manager

IT Director
SAP Manager

HR Director
HR Business Partner
Recruitment Director
C&B Manager
Talent Management Director
Learning Director

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Talent Mapping

What is Talent Mapping?

Market mapping is a tool that assists in making  personnel changes within a company. This can include recruitment, succession planning, internal promotions, or team restructuring. In such scenarios, having reliable and detailed information about the market situation is crucial. Key data that is needed includes:

1. The number of available Candidates in a specific area.
2. Competencies of individuals occupying specific positions.
3. Availability of professionals and managers meeting specific requirements, along with their willingness to change jobs and expected employment conditions.
4. Perception of the Client’s company in the job market.

Based on this data, we create a report for the Client that contains all the necessary information required for personnel changes within the company, as well as outlines the actions to be taken to become an attractive employer.

When is it worth applying Mapping?

Mapping should be applied whenever there are any personnel changes planned within the company – promotions, team restructuring, and especially when recruiting for high-level or specialized positions.

As part of this service, you will receive:

In the talent mapping service, you will receive a report containing professional profiles of Candidates and information such as:

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