Executive Capital Solutions

Executive Capital Solutions was established to match people possessing specific talents with companies needing them in executive and expert positions

This type of service is called executive search, but we approach it much broader and deeper. We use a proprietary recruitment method, which we call the VALUES MATCHING APPROACH. Thanks to its use and continuous improvement, we have achieved exceptional effectiveness. When the Candidate’s values are matched with those guiding the Client’s company, the projects are finalised quickly, and the Candidates become loyal employees for years.


I have over 20 years of experience in talent acquisition. From the very beginning, I have analysed factors determining the effectiveness of recruitment processes for top management and specialist positions. As a result, I have developed my own executive search method. I call it the VALUES MATCHING APPROACH. It consists of thoroughly recognising the values ​​that guide my client’s company as well as often the very person in the organisation to whom the recruited candidate will report. In this way, the organisation’s values matrix is ​​created. While identifying suitable Candidates, I develop the Candidate’s values matrix for each of them. The critical moment of the process is the calibration of both matrices. When they match, it means that we have the best possible compatibility of the Candidate with the organisation and the organisation with the Candidate. The experience of dozens of projects carried out using this method confirms that when the values ​​of both sides, the Client and the Candidate, match, the recruitment process closes quickly, and the Candidate becomes a loyal employee of the company and usually stays in it for years. With each subsequent project, I refine this method and its tools, constantly increasing its effectiveness.

Our offer is built around five unique competences. They are what sets us apart.


Nearly all projects are completed with the employment of a Candidate. Clients do not need to use our minimum one-year guarantee because Candidates are well suited to roles and companies, and they stay in organisations.


We only undertake recruitment projects we believe we can deliver successfully and openly discuss the issue with the Clients. The recruitment process is fully transparent, and confidentiality is ensured at every stage.


We build long-term relationships based on respect and trust with both clients and candidates. Information about the status and result of the recruitment process is immediately provided to the Candidates and the Clients in an open and direct manner, regardless of the outcome of the process.


We only present candidates who are well suited to both the role and the Client’s organizational culture. Thanks to the proprietary VALUES MATCHING APPROACH and many years of experience, the risk of not employing or dismissing a Candidate, or them quitting, practically drops to zero. For us, that means matching.


When conventional methods do not yield results, we do not abandon projects. We design non-standard, unique solutions when it comes to reaching suitable candidates, developing a competitive offer and building a candidate profile corresponding to the market trends together with the Client.

We specialise in recruitment for executive, top management, expert and unique positions to the following industries: FMCG, pharmaceutical, production and new technologies.

Over 20 years on the market has allowed us to gain great experience and has translated into high results and efficiency.

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Anna Woźniak

Talent Acquisition Expert
Managing Partner

Matching people with specific talents to companies that need them is my life’s passion, a journey I’ve been on for over 20 years.

I have a unique ability to connect people and organizations that share the same values. Thanks to this talent, I’ve successfully recruited over 500 exceptional individuals for top managerial and specialist positions in some of the largest companies in Poland.

Combining my skills with years of experience, I’ve developed my proprietary executive search method, which I call the VALUES MATCHING APPROACH. Based on this method, I founded my own company, Executive Capital Solutions, in 2010. By applying and continuously improving this method, we achieve exceptional success in our recruitment projects. When the values of the candidate and the client align, projects close quickly, and candidates become loyal employees for years.

I understand that the nature of my work has a profound impact on the important life changes of my candidates and the fate of my clients, both individuals and organizations. That’s why I approach every project with great humility, always prioritizing the well-being of individuals.

Personally, I specialize in recruiting for industries such as FMCG, pharma, manufacturing, and new technologies. I am a certified career building and development advisor using the Spadochron methodology. I graduated from the Jagiellonian University Faculty of Law. I furthered my studies in Management at the Warsaw School of Economics and in Managerial Coaching at the Koźmiński Academy.

Outside of work, I am interested in 20th-century political history and Russian literature, particularly the poetry of the Acmeists.

Olga Radziwon-Zarębska


For the past few years, Olga has been successfully completing recruitment projects for managerial and highly specialized positions. She also has experience in conducting Talent Mapping processes. Olga holds a degree in Clinical Psychology from the Maria Grzegorzewska Special Pedagogy Academy, as well as postgraduate studies in Applied Behavior Analysis at SWPS University in Warsaw. She is fluent in English.
Outside of work, Olga has a keen interest in dietetics, biological sciences, and human developmental psychology.


Urszula Mieńkowska Verissimo


With over 10 years of experience working in multicultural environments, gained in places like Brazil, India, and Italy, Urszula specializes in managing international recruitment processes for highly specialized positions. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Psychology at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, where she specialized in Work and Organizational Psychology. She is fluent in English and Portuguese and is currently learning Swedish. In her free time, she enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, learning new languages, and hiking in the mountains.


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Our Experience

We recruit in the following industries:

Baby and Infant Food

Tabacco Products

Prescription Medications/RX
Over-the-Counter Products/OTC
Medical Devices
Specialized Food
Rare Diseases
Clinical Research

Foundry, including pressure-related

Renewable Energy Sources

We recruit for the following positions:

General Manager
Managing Director
Department Head
Chairman of the Board
Board Member
Director of Production Plant
Managing Director

Commercial Director
Sales Director
Trade Marketing Director

Marketing Director
Corporate Affairs Director
Public Affairs Director
New Media Manager
Communications Director
PR Manager

Chief Financial Officer
Controlling Director
Chief Accountant
Financial Controller


Chief Operating Officer
Plant Director
Production Director
Technical Director
Logistics Director
Quality Assurance Director
R&D Director
NPD Director
Maintenance Manager
Lean Manager
SHE Manager
Security Manager

IT Director
SAP Manager

HR Director
HR Business Partner
Recruitment Director
C&B Manager
Talent Management Director Learning Director

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