About Us


Client Service

Our aim is to provide consulting which is always value added. As a result, a tailored process arises comprising the selection of Managerial Talent that meets the needs of Customer’s Organization. In this way, we fulfill our commitment – through the selection of key people, we contribute to the development, as well as we increase the company’s value.

Candidate Care

We understand that a job change situation is always related with some stress and risk. Skillful management of this change and the risk in order to develop an own career is one of the basic manager challenges. By building up confidence in relations with Candidates, we aim at achieving the position of an adviser in the scope of career shaping. We want our professionalism, ethics, and respect to warrant you the sense of security and comfort while making a decision in the conditions of change.


We are advisers for businesses, but we also manage our own business every day. That is why we understand market mechanisms and risks very well. This knowledge helps us to provide advisory services to Our Customer Organizations, as well as to Our Candidates.

Determination to deliver

A dedicated approach to every project in line with proven tools for its execution is, in our opinion, a necessary condition of maintaining the highest quality. At the same time, we improve our methodology regularly. We are committed, dynamic, and open to innovations. The determination in achieving constant improvement of effectiveness is, in our opinion, the warranty of the highest efficiency.